About Us

About Us

When you find the word ‘GASP’ in your dictionary, you will probably find out that catching one's breath with an open mouth, owing to astonishment. That is exactly what we want to bring to you with our excellent services and facilities with the best price when you ride with us. Prepare to gasp through the ride! On one hand, GASP is composed of G for Glamorous, A for Attractive, S for Simple, and P for Place. That is meant for mysterious country Myanmar as a glamorous, attractive and simple place.

Look into our tagline ‘Shape your way with us’, we ‘GASP’ gives empowerment and variety of choices for our customers to choose from. Unlike others, customers can have the chance to choose from the massive ticket choices with varied prices and they can allocate their spending by deciding which to purchase. Accordance to the services we provide, visitors are able to shape their own way by following their desires and expectations beyond the limits.

Why Us

With us, customers can free up their holiday time by purchasing and paying tickets online instead of arranging where to go. Customers can hop on and hop off from main attractions of the city and nearby attractions. There is commentary like audio for the information of the attractions you are saying and our driver is well-trained to answer your questions. We value your safety with us offering the best facilities and the best driver who is fully aware of the safety of you and your family. Get discounts from our affiliated hotels, restaurants and attractions by riding with us. Customers can contribute to the environment and community by just using their pennies on the ride because GASP family work for not only profit but also for people and planet. Our service and facilities are ease for disables, children and senior citizens.

Vision of GASP

  1. Be the largest company which operates in every large cities of Asia.
  2. Deliver excellent service and safest ride for customers with variety of choices on purchases.
  3. Consider for people and planet in every steps of planning and implementing.
  4. Maximize long-term return by ethically lead the market.
  5. Regard employees as family and consider their well-being.

Mission Statement

  • We deliver the best value for customers by offering excellent service and safety during the ride.
  • We contribute to the country’s community and environment not only by allocating budget to but also by considering for every steps of decision making.
  • Business analysis and strategic planning are conducted by us to respond every change in the market in order to meet needs and wants of customers.
  • On the other hand, we create happy working environment for our employees to maximize their performance.
  • Moreover, we partner and affiliate to move forward and thrive together delivering the customers optimized value.